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Spectrum Lighting is committed to superior service, advanced training, and a pledge to your satisfaction. Find out how we can bring your project to the next level.

Lighting Specification Assistance

We deploy our dedication and creativity to offer a broad array of specification assistance in many lighting categories. Our custom capabilities help to provide new and improved lighting designs that can be integrated into almost any environment.

Lighting Controls & Design Assistance

Our design experts understand that function and efficiency are the keys to a successful lighting and controls design. While no two projects are exactly the same, our professional expertise will help guide the design process ensuring the right lighting fixtures and controls meet the project needs and within budget.

Spectrum has a full service team dedicated to lighting controls. They are ready to work with your lighting design to ensure that whatever your need – relay panels, stand along occupancy sensors, theatrical systems, or a complete automated controls system, we are here to help.

Lighting Calculations

Let us do the calculations for you, we will determine what and how many fixtures are needed for each of your projects. You can leave the details to us.

Pre-construction Meetings

We will participate in pre-construction meetings to ensure the project requirements are communicated and we will review plans and designs with the installation team. 

Job site visits

We have a team that will visit the job site to ensure things stay on track. We will oversee the project to ensure any issues are dealt with quickly rather then during the installation process. We partner with you through the entire project span.

Controls system start ups

Controls System Startups – our in-house technicians will go to project sites after the controls components have been installed. They will work side by side with the electrical contractors to troubleshoot and program the lighting controls.

Our technicians, know the industry, they know the local contractors in our territory. You can be assured that our technicians are extremely experienced and able to train, educate and truly partner on the controls component projects.

End User Training

Our team works to ensure that we are the experts on code changes, new products and new technology. We do all the research so that we can provide you with a clear and concise condensed version. Ensuring we can bring you accurate information without you having to go and search for the answers in a variety of places.

Project Management

We keep projects moving smoothly. We will manage the project through every step so you don’t have to. We manage delivery dates, shipments and ensure the product is there when it’s needed and communicate effectively to ensure everyone is on the same page. We handle the details so you don’t have to.

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