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Statement lighting connects employees at smart data company

In Netscout’s new offices in Allen, Texas, spaces are designed to encourage teamwork, consultation, and brainstorming to drive the company’s innovation. Statement lighting fixtures from Eureka Lighting characterize the areas.

New Juno® RED Series™ 4” LED Downlights

The Juno RED Series™ 4” LED Downlights & Adjustables are ideal for new construction installations with shallow plenum ceilings, perfect for use in multi-family applications.  These versatile, IC-rated housings are quick and easy to install and additionally a maximum 2-hour fire-rated ceiling assembly can be maintained when installed according to the International Building Code, Section 714. They also are ENERGY STAR® certified and can be used to meet Title 24 JA8 high efficacy LED light source requirements.

Fully Illuminated 90° Corner

HO4 Direct (HO4-D) pendant delivers unparalleled performance and comfortable direct illumination. The HO4 displays a fully illuminated open interior and features a state-of-the-art rectilinear reflector that provides depth and seamless uniformity. HO4-D is now available with 90 degree corners.

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